Chapter X, Avataria #2
Date 03-25-2012
Written by clockwork2
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[49] is the fourty-ninth post in Avataria #2, and the fourteenth post by clockwork2.

Aaron awoke to a man carrying him up on the tower, he whirled up, his spirit fueling his body's healing. And kicked him off the tower. "I ain't done yet! Now I got a promise to fulfill." Aaron said, and casually flew to meet Alaina, and Razet. Who was shocked, of course, to see him. Aaron didn't give him a chance to speak, and kicked him in the face, and slammed him with a incantation. Darkness was forced to release itself from Razet, it turned to look angrily at Aaron. "How dare you.....AARRGHHH" The darkness said, being interrupted by Aaron skewering it to the ground with a javelin of light. "What was that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of you being skewered!" Aaron said, and smacked Razet 's sword hand before he could get any ideas with his poison blade. Aaron massaged his gigantic mark in his chest, it would never be gone, of that he knew. "Why you little, DIE YOU ANNOYANCE!!!" Razet said, charging at Aaron, only to meet with the shield Aaron constructed rather quickly. Aaron bashed the shield at Razet, and it formed a prison, Aaron reinforced it with ice and a static barrier. "Later!" Aaron said casually, and walked off to deal with darkness, who already broke free and was collecting Razet's growing hate. Aaron could see it, as a orange fiery line of power. Darkness charged into a Elite guard and made him go after Razet, the Elite smacked the force field down, at the cost of his well being. Darkness went into him, and Aaron got into a fighting stance, his armor was severly torn and his gun smashed in half. "Come." Aaron said calmly, he had worked out a plan of sorts, and hoped it would work. Otherwise, Alaina would be mourning for the rest of her life, but he hoped it wouldn't be so. Razet came at him, waiting for him to attack, Aaron instead sat and began to meditate. Razet impatiently struck, and Aaron leaped up, and smacked him in the head with his foot, which stung greatly, then Aaron hit him in the knees repeatedly. Razet lashed out, and Aaron leaped up and used his seed to gain wings, and began dive bombing him in the legs and arms. "DAMN YOU!!!STAY STILL YOU ANNOYING WEAKLING!!!!" Razet shouted, accidently dropping his sword, and Aaron picked it up. "You can't die, but I imagine you still feel pain, no? And I also imagine you made this blade very potent with poison, and that'll be VEEERRYY painful." Aaron said, and the look of horror on Razets face told him he was right, and then stabbed Razet in both legs with the sword. "YOU!WILL!PAY!!!!" Razet said, trembling to the ground as the poison rapidly took effect.

Karena was strolling about, looking for her next meal, when a warrior leaped at her. "Yipe!!!" She cried, and the warrior grabbed her and ran to wherever he came, he obviously felt her shield. As he was now gripping her so tightly she couldn't concentrate well, and hence couldn't impale him with a strong and pointed gust of wind, she also couldn't maintain her shield and was freezing now. "LET ME GO!!!!" She said, trying to wriggle out to stab him in the heart, but he quickly found and took her weapons and continued his grip on her. Blast, it was unbelievably cold and she was doomed to whatever the warrior intended with her. "Could you atleast show some manners and give me a cloak! I'm freezing here!" She said, but the man simply gripped her tighter, she felt like she might burst into pieces. He arrived at a swirling mass of magic, which she recognized from some tales as a portal, he tossed her in along with her belongings. "JERK!!!" She screamed as she fell into the portal, and felt it claim her memories of her childhood friends, aswell as siphon her energy. She now felt hungry instead of cold, she could eat a million warthogs, she could see the end of it nearing. And she then fell face first into a soldier, he wasn't dressed like the one that captured her and threw her rudely into a portal, and he looked very astute for a soldier. "A girl? This is what they sent for reinforcements to their tower, oh I am so sorry for my rudeness, Duke Talban. And what is your name milady?" Talban said. "Kareena, and who exactly did this to me?" She said, guessing he was a good guy, as he was manner-able enough to give him her name. "The kingdom of evil, if you wish, you may help whoever you wish." He said, while Kareena busied herself gathering her belongings. "I think I'll help you and your..." Kareena said, not sure what Talbans men were. "Rebels." He said.

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