Chapter X, Avataria #1
Date 04-25-2010
Written by SoLmaster
Player Post № 7
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[49] is the fourty-ninth post in Avataria #1, and the seventh post by SoLmaster.

SoLmaster introduced a new secondary character in this post; Kakuslor.

"Wow." Silverstein was amazed while his counter part was amused. He took control of the body. "Issranda, every one, duck." While every member of the party ducked, he let loose a wave of dark grey energy. It wiped out the enemy. "Now, Issranda the witch goddess of magic. Please put some clothes on." He reverted back because he could not maintain the transformation. He and Issranda felt a darker presence. Another god, one of extreme power. she put on some clothes and were upon a burning fort overrunning by dark beasts. "Issranda, I feel a Hume-god. For you who don't know who that is. Think gifted human with god power that are part god." Soon it was sun set and the forces moved towards them.

Everyone prepared for a big fight. Beast and dark monsters were soon insight. Undead and demons with other things filled the horizon. A big demon like monstrous man with big wings. "Welcome Issranda and blood arc. To the Dark Army 5th Branch." He looked like a wrestler giant demon with red armor and a big iron mace. "I am Kakuslor. The newest Hume-god of the dark king."

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