Chapter X, Avataria #2
Date 03-24-2012
Written by clockwork2
Player Post № 13
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[47] is the fourty-seventh post in Avataria #2, and the thirteenth post by clockwork2.

clockwork2 introduced a new secondary character in this post; Kareena.

Aaron slumps to the ground, and looks at Razet, he truly couldn't die. "I swear, to get....Even...with...yoouu..." Aaron said, his life ebbing away and consciousness fading. He saw BRIGHT light, and a shadowy figure. "Who...are you?" Aaron said, realizing he was very much alive. "You cannot kill Razet, he is cursed to walk the Earth til he finds true happiness, and joy. And he is, as you no doubt guessed, not very human." The voice said, "Avataria needs you, your homeland does, awaken. Warrior. Awaken" It kept saying awaken, and Aaron felt a sinking sensation, he thought he saw Alaina cry with joy.

Elsewhere, a girl was contently skinning an animal, the environment was cold as hell. But she had learned to cope, she was unique, she could hear wherever wind blew. She could control it, and had used it to help her deal with the cold weather, she heard her parents drop her eleventh birthday card and gifts. She excitedly ran to the presents, and opened the note:

Dear Kareena, happy eleventh birthday, we miss you so much. It's been so hard without you, but we know that atleast your still alive, and that means so much to us. We gave you a circlet announcing your coming of age, along with some supplys and more yarn to sew with. Love your parents.

She was exiled at 6, but she had grown to live with it, and atleast her parents came every birthday to give her stuff.. And she had learned how to hunt and use magic. so she was ok.

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