Chapter X, Avataria #1
Date 04-21-2010
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 22
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[47] is the fourty-seventh post in Avataria #1, and the twenty-second post by Amargaard.

Silverstein walked while starring into the ground, watching every step he took. Silence. No-one in the "party" said anything, just walked while more and more Mountainpeaks arrived. Dun Gruznok was out of sight, and only a thick gray fog could be seen when they turned their heads. Maybe some Demonic Raiding Bands followed them? Silverstein did not care, he could easily slay them, or eventually let Blood Arc do. The wandering through the Mountains should take about two-three days without mounts and further one-two days to Reyvmadir...

General Ratava wandered proud aside General Kallrog and Issranda in the front of the group. Without the fog of ash, the sunrays could easily hit his Golden armor and make it shine in a beautiful way. Issranda had teached him about the light and that he should not fear the Darkness as long as the light was with him, and indeed it was she said once. He looked back at his soldiers and saw how grateful they all were of Issrandas' gifts too, all of them smiling. Those left was indeed good soldiers, they could be trusted, unlike those that joined up with the Hell Forces. A sudden warcry came from behind and a raiding band ran out of the fog, attacked an unprepared Stone-man that fell. They continued forward to strike against the main-group. Both sides knew that the raiding band had no chance to survive, but they could at least weaken their enemies...