Chapter X, Avataria #2
Post 46 Avataria 2 Optional Artistic Object
Date 03-24-2012
Written by -Peper-
Player Post № 11
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[46] is the fourty-sixth post in Avataria #2, and the eleventh post by -Peper-.

Aaron continuously stabs Razet, but nothing works because Razet is 'immortal' by some means. Meanwhile the other knows this, Galros and Nargos rushed to the scene. Nargos pours a bit of his soul to deal a tremendous blow to Aaron.

Elite forces starts to get whacking with the rebel forces. With that, Darkness inside Razet's body became stronger "Give me all your hatred, your fear, and your anger!" one last stab pierces Razet's stomach, but the sword cannot be pulled. Razet saw this chance took out his poisonous sword that he used early on the dragon and slash Aaron.

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