Chapter X, Avataria #2
Date 03-24-2012
Written by clockwork2
Player Post № 12
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[45] is the forty-fifth post in Avataria #2, and the twelfth post by clockwork2. It is the beginning of chapter X.

Aaron had a bad feeling when Razet came out, without fear or wincing abit, that and the swirling darkness around him. Aaron decided that it was time to show Razet fear, he blasted Razet with everything he had, then leaped in. Blasting him with all the power his seed could grant him, and then just in case lifting and crushing him with the remnants of the tower. "Sleep in hell godamn you, we will never meet again. Not for along while." Aaron said, and he had a feeling he was slowly retracting from technology... No matter, he lifted chunks of ruins and piled ontop. He poured his magic into containing it, and looked at Arcisal's prison, the virus looked amused. Hrrmmmm, he zapped him out of spite, and then stuck it back in his pocket. Aaron kept his eyes on the tomb, and drew his sword, he looked at everyone else. "Get.Your.Weapons.NOWWWW!!!!" Aaron shouted. The ground burst open and the overlord walked out, and brushed himself off. "I'm. Alive." He said flatly, but was interupted by Aaron hacking into him, and found nothing worked. There were no marks on him, Aaron sat down, and contemplated. When Razet was about to hack his head off, he leaped up and landed on his sword hands, took his sword. And pointed it at him, the shortly resolved to stab him all the way to hell, then began stabbing him.

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