Chapter X, Avataria #1
Date 04-19-2010
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 21
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[45] is the fourty-fifth post in Avataria #1, and the twenty-first post by Amargaard. It is the beginning of chapter X.

Amargaard introduced the place Dun Gruznok in this post.

Issranda insisted to see the fortress before they left it on their way back to Reyvmadir. "These walls looks Dwarvish... And I know that Dwarves rarely build their cities above the ground-surface..." She pointed at a huge symbol of an axe "Thats the symbol of Dun Gruznok! I remember that Dun Gruznok lies beneath the surface! I have been there!". Silverstein walked close to her, morphed into Blood Arc and whispered "My powers only enables me to pull things around and some few other things you do not need to know... I pulled the whole city all the way through the ground into here... Don't tell the others, I like them to think I'm invunerable... That keeps me out of trouble...". Issranda laughed in a sexy way, making Ratava look at her. What a beautiful young sexy women, and indeed smart and sweet too. So incredible beautiful, that he wondered if she was an Elf...? She looked at him too with a smile, and to not make the situation awkward he asked "Are you soon finished?" and she walked up to him and the waiting group and when she was very close to the strong, though a little old man in the golden armor she said "yes, shall we?" and smiled. They began wandering forward against Reyvmadir an slowly the fog dissapeared and mountain-peaks appeared...