Chapter IX, Avataria #1
Date 04-19-2010
Written by Masken
Player Post № 18
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[44] is the fourty-fourth post in Avataria #1, and the eighteenth post by Masken.

The text was originally written by Amargaard, and afterwards edited by Masken.

The Demons had not broke through the gate yet, and the strong Stone-men was still pushing against it, making it hard to destroy for the Demons. Behind the stone-men, stood the Undead soldiers and Ratavas' soldiers on their guard ready to clash against the demons when the gate collapsed. Behind all those soldiers stood General Kallrog with his great axe in his hand and blood lust in his eyes. Silverstein stood on the wall above the gate and shot some demons down with a bow, that he indeed was good to use too. Some of Kallrogs soldiers was up there too shooting with their bows, however the Demons had ranged crossbowmen too, placing both teams in heavy fire-zones...

Silverstein concentrately fired many quick shots and stopped up to see gratifying the Demon army becoming smaller. Now there was only about 20 Demons back, were the defenders of "his" fortress now victorious? He smiled, but quickly went serious again when he saw the Demonic second "wave" comming up from a rift to reinforce the few remaining attackers... Catapults! Burning boulders was throwed through the sky to unleash chaos behind the walls. Silverstein was busy with his bow shooting down the crossbowmen, but suddenly a huge burning chaotic boulder hit the wall where he stood and ruined it completely. He jumped down the wall while it collapsed, but the wrong way and ended up between many Demons which quickly began attacking him. Blood Arc appeared! The God fought bravely, while Demons ran through the rubble from the gate and wall behind him and faced the Stone-men, Undead Soldiers, Ratavas' Soldiers and General Kallrog himself. The war now became hard!

Suddenly many of Ratavas' soldiers joined up with the Demons, and revealed their true demonic form. Only few remained to fight against their corrupted brethren. Ultimate confusion was inside the fortress...

Blood Arc fought his way back, and at last reached his allies. He ran the way around the Stone-men and let them fight the Demonic Warriors instead. Behind all the soldiers he began channeling some spell and a huge tower appeared, shooting up from the ground. It was covered in red shining runes and flames was automatically fired out of several small holes on the top part, only hitting enemies like the corrupted soldiers. Now the battle seemed more fair again for some time until Demon Warlocks appeared on the front lines and began casting evil shadowy spells.

Suddenly everyone, both Humans and Demons were blinded by a huge flash of light that appeared at the place of the Warlocks. Few seconds later, the holy energy combined with the dark energy triggered a huge explosion! Both Undead and Demons was killed by this... The spell-caster was to everyones' surprise a beautiful young Human or elven women with long brown hair and a white dress with two blue stripes running from the top of the dress, the neck, down to the feet. She stood on a hill a little way away from the battlefield. General Ratava was there too, wearing a huge golden armor and with PRO Yrots in his war-ready hand. He ran down the hill and joined the war against the Demons.

The demons who were not reached by the blinding flash of light knew they had lost when Issranda showed up along with Ratava. They along with some of Ratava's men ran back trough the rift that was closed shortly after. This was a massacre. Hundreds of demons lied slain around the fortress. It was an odd sight to see a dozen bloodied men or so trying to walk amongst the stacks of corpses. They headed for the main hall of the fortress to have a meeting with this female sorceress.

Kallrog was the first to ask the question:

- Who are you?

- She is called Issranda, curer of souls. I see things have happened since last time we met, said Blood Arc with a cocky attitude.

- Yes, but that is not relevant for the moment. Would you be so kind to give back control to your human host?

Blood Arc grinned and began transforming back to human form. Silverstein pulled up the scarf and said with contempt:

- I see we meet again.

- Now, why are you here? said Kallrog. He was starting to feel ignored.

- I would not have come if not your friend had begged me to, but something had to be done. Darkness have broken the Seal of Truce and must be stopped.

- What is this Seal of Truce? Kallrog were only getting more questions.

- The Seal of Truce is a sacred agreement that implies that no forces of darkness or light may enter this realm. said Silverstein. It was created by both long ago and is meant to remain such.

- I can sense you have a followup question to that northlander. replied Issranda. You see, all life is neither good or evil, all beings are filled with both. Both created you long ago during great wars. It is up to the being itself to embrace one side. However, some are forced evil. Beings filled with darkness makes it hard for them to embrace the other side. Such beings are reffered to as demons. There's only such musch light and darkness a being can take until it ultimately... explodes.

- Can't you cast that light spell again and finish them off? Kallrog asked once again.

- She can't. As far as i see you've cast your last major spell by now, haven't you? said Silverstein with a grin.

- That is true, for every spell i cast the more bound i become to this vessel that has been forced upon me, but we cannot delay no further. I've heard there is one man, a noble man who is trapped in a hat of dark magic.

Ratavas smile was broken when Silverstein's remarked:

- Bah! Why go rushing to help someone when you can defeat the demons once and for all.

- That is what defines us being good. I can also see you're missing one man as well as Brost. What are they up to?

Seeing where Issranda was going, Silverstein replied:

- To the west, calling for the nearby nations' assistance.

- Then what are we waiting for? Onwards to Reyvmadir! shouted Ratava joyfully...