Chapter IX, Avataria #2
Date 03-24-2012
Written by clockwork2
Player Post № 11
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[43] is the forty-third post in Avataria #2, and the eleventh post by clockwork2.

Aaron had noticed that the device which was containing Arcisal, and his gun, were the only ones working. The others were going haywire, drat, musta been the cocoon Aaron thought. "Well seems I haveta do this old school, CHARGE!!!" Aaron said, charging into the fray. "H-hey, wait for me!!!!" Amaar said, running to catch up. Aaron hacked apart the enemy ranks, and saw that their more elite were at the tower, Aaron saw something odd beginning above them. "Hrrmmmm, I have a bad feeling bout that." Aaron said, pointing towards the odd blue clouds above. "What do you think it is?" Amaar and Kargath asked, looking at Aaron for help. "Either it's a way to teleport that tower and it's men to another land, or their making a gigantic portal to bring backup in, or it could be a massive vortex to kill us all." Aaron said, "Let's end this fight before they finish it and we find out what it does." Alaina ran towards them. "I'll help!" Alaina said. "Listen, I will NOT let you follow me and risk getting killed, we're lucky I was able to heal you." Aaron said, but saw Alaina was willing to prove him otherwise, "Fine, be careful ok?" "Ok!" Alaina said, and they ran towards the final fight.

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