Chapter IX, Avataria #1
Date 04-18-2010
Written by SoLmaster
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[42] is the fourty-second post in Avataria #1, and the sixth post by SoLmaster.

"This will hurt." Silverstein raised his hand over the wound. Pain shot thought Edward as it healed. "To the trenches, they attack." He moved to stop the demon army. With bloody hands, time seem to slow down outside the trench line. The others got ready and marched to the trenches. The wall was repaired and time was returned.

To Kallrog's surprise, the demons didn't move out of the forest. Edward was in the fortress when a explosion was heard. They saw the full transformation of Blood Arc. He throw elements at the trees, creating mass confusion for the demons. Edward biltz, I have a task for you and Brost. Go and unite the kingdoms again. I will hold the line until the line falls. Edward felt his mind go numb as he fell asleep.

The demons finally charged out of the forest. "Keep that line." The demons crashed into some good defenses by Blood Arc and the trenches were in the chaos of battle. The first wave had begun. Blood Arc and Kallrog were inside the keep, over looking the battle.