Chapter IX, Avataria #2
Date 03-23-2012
Written by clockwork2
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[41] is the fourty-first post in Avataria #2, and the tenth post by clockwork2.

So that explains who sent Cadaos, hrrrmm, well Aaron and Alaina had problems of their own to deal with.He looked at himself and Alaina, interesting, it appeared the cocoon had put them back a year in age.No matter, he called upon all the light the gods could grant him, and spun in a whirlwind of blinding light. Knocking everything around, he then zapped everything just to be sure, and fled to the rebels with Alaina in his arms.He found he was far lighter, but stronger anyways, as he covered the distance rather quickly. He went to join Kargath and the others, but he remembered to set Alaina down first."What's the progress?" Aaron asked, and seeing the grim faced look on Kargath, he determined it wasn't going well. "We lost, bout half the rebels, the enemy is churning more portals out, soon I think something bad will happen. Almost always does in situations like these, the enemy is gettin desperate, and desperate people do stupid things." Kargath said, nodding to the array of portals, which were fizzling abit. "NOT GOOD!LET'S GO!!" Aaron said, and leaped to action, he grabbed his gun and began frying portal summoners. And Kargath grabbed his axe and began hacking summoners heads off, and used the bursts of mana from the stopped portals to act as a booster to launch himself at other summoners, it was a bloodbath. Quite literally a bloodbath, as the enemy had apparently given up all their magicians to summon portals. Apparently this helped turn the tide, as the massive numbers of portal spawn had decided to fight with rebels, as the rebels could summon a few portals home. And Aaron felt a wierd presence, something technological, not robotic. Nay, an advanced virus, he turned to it's source. It was an orc, he was fighting alongside the rebels, but Aaron could see SOMETHING he went up to greet the orc. "Name's Aaron, what's your name?" Aaron asked. "Amaar, keep fighting. No.Time.To.Talk" Amaar said, driving each word with a cleave into a opponent. "Oh really? So you wouldn't be, say a virus would ya?" Aaron said, grabbing a device and hiding it just in case. Something leaped out from Amaar, and Aaron blasted it with his device. "Your now in a containment zone, it's filled with electricity cones, so if you try ANYTHING. You are gonna be virus toast!" Aaron said, and demonstrated with a short press of a button, and smiled at himself. Computer viruses could infect people in his world, so he developed devices against it, clearly this was one of the viruses. It wasn't from his realm though, as he could see it was far beyond his realm's tech, that and it kept running into the second firewall. Which was programmed to extreminate the virus instead of quarantine it, and it survived, quickly rebuilding. "Hrrmmm...I'll have ta keep my eye on you..."Aaron said, bits of it's coding revealed it was called Arcisal....Hrrmmmm he'd have to be careful, as it also reshaped to say you'll rue the day you did this, and a few words which Aaron guessed were insults.

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