Chapter I, Avataria #2
Date 03-16-2012
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 2
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[3] is the third post in Avataria #2, and the second post by Amargaard (Twenty-sixth if you count his posts in Avataria #1 as well).

Am'ar Gaardos, Duke Talban and his small regiment finally arrived at the Wall of Horror, after a few hours of walking through the forest. It was an enormous wall built from dark rocks and black metal. On the other side were the huge wasteland controlled by the unknown evil masterminds.

Just outside were hundreds of small rebel camps, preparing for the final assault against the evil forces, and Duke Talban's men were about to join the army of good.

"Wooaah, we sure assembled a large army" Duke Talban said, after seeing the outstanding view, over the many camps, "Now, where to place our camp?".

One of Talban's soldiers pointed at a place close by the woods - "Seems that's the only place with room for us"

The duke agreed and led his soldiers that way. The Talbanian soldiers started to raise tents and build up their camp. Suddenly a man came by and headed directly for duke Talban. He was rich, judging his clothes.

"So your men are joining the war too? If so, can you please aid our camp in chopping wood? We're building catapults for the assault", he said.

"You can count on us, sir", duke Talban said, with a smile. "Good, we are still waiting for the last allies to join us, but we will strike in a day or two. If you got any questions or need axes for the job, you can find me in your neighbor camp", then he left.

Am'ar didn't wait for the Talbanians to settle, he headed directly for the trees, to help the neighbor camp in chopping wood. A lot of lumberjacks were working hard, but especially one caught his attention. He wore a black cape and a hat, putting a shadow over his face. Am'ar didn't do anything though, and simply continued working...

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