Chapter IIX, Avataria #1
Date 04-16-2010
Written by SoLmaster
Player Post № 5
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[38] is the thirty-eighth post in Avataria #1, and the fifth post by SoLmaster.

SoLmaster introduced two new places in this post, Outlands and Cal'thos.

The land started to change. Fire and burned rocks were starting to take over. The smell of death and brimstone filled the air. The lands has been transformed into a hellish land. The hordes of demons moved to the blacken forest of this land. Silverstein felt more and more evil in the forest. He went to general Kallrog. "I will create a circling wall, this will be a safe zone. Your fighters need to hold that line until after the third wave." He pointed to three ditches that appeared into the area, it was only 50 feet out. "Then head thought the tunnels into the safe zone. There Your archers will take out part of the army. We must stand our ground because this is a good base for them." He raised his hands. The wall appeared, 3 tunnels and some stairs with a floor. "This is the plan so far."

Kallrog was impressed. He and Silverstein continued their battle planes. They kept the wall and the trenches. "So, we use the trenches as the first line of defense. There you summon a few more defensive structures. We use the keep as a secondary line. The wall will expand to allow catapults and other things." They still kept planning until it was dusk.

Blood arc was let loose to help with the trenches. He didn't like the plan but still obeyed his keeper. They were done with the preparations and entered the camp. "Done, General." The tone was mocking with dislike. He sat down and looked around. "Well at least the blood shed will be great." The tone made some of the others shiver. It was cold and dark. "Ok, now I can eat." He took out some meat and his mouth retraced to make it look a snake type mouth. It was from his last victim. This made some of the humans throw up. "That was better now back to normal." He changed back to human from and the scarf was up. "Now, does any one have some non weird meat?" They ate then asked Silverstein about his time during the war. "Well you heard and read the battles. I lead the warriors of the Outlands. They were a group of old and young people, all sorts of pasts. Some were even outlaws. We became a family after the second battle because there we knew that our friends would protect us. Well then came the famous battle of Cal'thos. That battle was the second hardest but we still hanged on. Some of us died and then came the final battle. Most of us died protecting our friends, only fifth teen of us survived the war. 420 died in that war, friends and family. We learned that those who died are still with us and help us. Their very memory stays with you. Now I head off to sleep." Those who listened felt courage. General Kallrog felt the sadness of an old man's heart. He had been though hell so many times. Silverstein moved to a rock and slept. Kallrog moved to sleep as well.