Chapter VIII, Avataria #2
Date 03-22-2012
Written by clockwork2
Player Post № 8
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[37] is the thirty-seventh post in Avataria #2, and the eighth post by clockwork2.

There is a mistake in this post; Cadaos was teleported away from Avataria by Darkness in [35], but this post states that Cadaos is on the ground.

Aaron decided to pray to the gods and goddesses of light to grant him a weapon against them, fortunately they granted him such, he wasn't sure even weapons of light could hit such a dark being. But he wasn't waiting to find out, he threw the thing at the darkness, the spear stuck in. And it seemed like the darkness around it was transforming into flesh, calling up more spears, Aaron stuck the darkness into the castle. "Can't, let you two, DIE!!!!"Aaron shouted, mustering strength to stick spears into the other dark being. He then went and grabbed Alaina and set her to the ground, Dacaos was, much to his dislike. Had to be dragged, even with Aaron's new power he couldn't lift him. He considered the new information, couldn't feel pain eh? Couldn't die? He'll prove him wrong, once he had more strength, he wrapped himself and Alaina and Dacaos in a cocoon of adamantium. How he did it he did not know, he just

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