Chapter VIII, Avataria #2
Date 03-22-2012
Written by Ironside
Player Post № 11
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[36] is the thirty-sixth post in Avataria #2, and the eleventh post by Ironside

After resting for several days now, as the war was at its best, Auxion rises and prepares to strike.

Auxion is able to see that no worth enemies have been defeated so far but due to the immense boredom he decides to awaken in the form of a normal mortal.

Looking for a proper host he locates a dead human which was outside of sight from everyone.

Auxion: This one is right, he appears very weak, which means I have to grant him the powers, which will never engage in direct battle. On the other hand, I could grant him "that" power, in which case I will easily kill the worthy host.

Auxion: Very well then... Awaken, Waygate of Balance!

Auxion (in the form of the human) slowly starts to get up thinking, *the power level of these mortals really is beyond shame. He then walks towards the location of the main events.

Auxion: Using this weak body I have to be careful to not engage in group battle. I must eliminate one of the stronger warriors alone and use him as my host for the other waygates.

At that time Regex went missing from the battlefield to continue his original plan on locating metal for himself. He knows he will need it if he plans on surviving and even escaping from this place.

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