Chapter VII, Avataria #2
Date 03-22-2012
Written by clockwork2
Player Post № 7
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[34] is the thirty-fourth post in Avataria #2, and the seventh post by clockwork2.

Aaron looked up at the black tower, and saw Cadaos stabbed in the right leg by a dark being, Aaron ROARED with anger. And sprouted-much to Aaron's surprise- wings of snow-like feathers, he flew towards Cadaos, and drew his sword. This took much of a toll upon him, and he could feel his body twitch from the overwhelming use of energy, He landed next to Cadaos. Turning to face the being, Aaron put Alaina softly on the ground, and put a force field around her. He turned to face this bastard of a being. "COWARD!!!!COME!AND FIGHT ME!!!" Aaron yelled, transforming his sword into a frosted claymore. "You will feel my wrath!ELF!" The being said, making elf pronounced loudly. Aaron spared his opponent no chance, he stabbed him deep in the chest. "You won't die, nay, you will feel this pain. Till you take up the prospect of honour, you will feel where this blade was, and you will not be able to die." Aaron said, forcing the oath upon the being, and tore the blade out. Aaron cleared out the poison in Cadaos, and built a force field upon them both, before slipping into a fit.

Razet was in agony, and he could not take vengeance. For the force fields were too strong for him at the moment, but he swore this being would feel his wrath. He staggered down the tower, falling many times, but as the warrior had said. He could not die, and oaths could not be broken, only fulfilled.

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