Chapter VII, Avataria #1
Date 04-14-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[34] is the thirty-fourth post in Avataria #1, and the seventeenth post by Amargaard.

Edward Blitz were still standing together with Brost and the Stone-men, though some of them was mourning of the dead burning stone-men that still was ready to be fired off from the Goblin Catapults... Specially Brost became angry to see this gruesome sight! Suddenly the giant Stone-man-leader started talking in his own slow way, "Edward... it was some Dwarf that created the first stone-man... The reason why we like you, is because your fathers' fathers' fathers' fathers' fathers' fathers' fath...", Edward interrupted "What about him?". Brost stood for some time and wondered why he had been interrupted, but then said "Ahhhh... He was a near friend of dwarf creator... He adopted us, learning us the way of life, to live and protect the worlds' good places"... Edward was supprised, and listened when Brost after a while continued "He was a good man, but only him and our creator was carring for us... But Humans don't live long and Creators land was invaded by small ones. For a long time we just stayed in mountains and fought small ones, but then you came and your friends helped us drive out the small ones. We will gladly follow you and protect you until your short life is over...". Edward smiled, and knew that his new allies will be loyal bodyguards and friends for a long time...

Silverstein stood in the middle of the battlefield, with everyones' eyes focusing at him... It wasn't every day a God was revealed. With a little supprised voice, General Kallrog said "Blood Arc...? So, Silverstein you have been the chosen one, you are not even a Northlander..." and the cold look in his eyes revealed a feeling of inner burning hate to the stranger, though he didn't say more until one of Ratavas soldier asked "Shall we kill him?". "No" was the answer, "He can become useful" and with those words he left and walked up to the camp with his and Ratavas soldiers with him. Silverstein still stood and didn't knew what to do, was confused. What did General Kallrog mean by calling him the chosen one? He now also knew that Ratava and his soldiers were Demons, but wasn't afraid of them anymore now that they all knew how powerful he really was, except General Ratava which was... gone?

General Ratava had walked away from the camp, leaving his vomit and blood in kallrogs tent. He had went to the lake which he had been at once. He knew that the Demon that had talked to him, wanted an answer soon, and he couldn't wait any longer, the pain was excruciating, but he still didn't want to be a demon! He was planning to drown himself leaving the worlds' cruel wars to themselves. Now he didn't care anymore, the pain made him walk in a strange way, as he approached the mountain lake. Goodbye hated world...