Chapter VII, Avataria #2
Date 03-22-2012
Written by Amargaard
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[33] is the thirty-third post in Avataria #2, and the ninth post by Amargaard (Thirty-third if you count his posts in Avataria #1 as well).

Aaron ran into the MCC, and entered the small control-room, from which he could control all the weaponry on the mobile base. The dwarven leader had recently died from accidently ending up in very close combat with the enemies, so Aaron had pointed out himself as the new soldier in command. Alaina stood by his side, as he sat down in the comfortable leathery commander-chair.

He pulled down two levers, activating the cannons on the MCC's sides, and started firing. But soon a small screen on the control panel told him, that they needed more metal for recycling to ammo. Kargath swung his axe one last time, cleaving another robotic warrior in two. He quickly collected as many metallic pieces he could carry and ran into the MCC too. 

"This was all I could get", Kargath said.

A dwarf, wearing one of Aaron's combat suits, took the metallic pieces from the draconian, and put them down a hatch. "Commander! More metal's coming up!", he yelled in direction of the control room. The recycling process would take a couple of minutes though.

"Great", Aaron calmly said, while trying to send the MCC flying into the air. The draconian entered the control room, "Why are we escaping?! I thought you were simply going to reload your weapons and then get back out there?! This an act of cowardice!!", he said with his characteristic loud deep voice. 

Aaron tried ignoring the combat-eager warrior, but when Kargath started speaking of typical elfish cowards, Aaron got mad and paused the lifting, still without replying though.

Alaina noticed a moving shadow inside the room, but she soon brushed off the thought. It must have been her eyes tricking with her. 

Nargos saw the large aircraft leaving into the air, already several meters above ground-level. He angrily pulled a spear out of the hands of a warrior next to him, yelled wildly and watched as the dark energies from his soul slipped into the spear. He then threw it with all of his strength and watched as it hit the dwarven aircraft from below, and soon after exploding in a stream of dark energies and flames as black as the night-sky. The MCC was sent to the ground again, crashing, and soon burst into fire.

Nargos was exhausted after sacrificing a portion of his soul on a single attack, but he couldn't stop himself from smiling evilly, seeing the success of his action.

But Kargath cut through the hull from the inside with his axe, jumped out followed by Aaron, who was holding Alaina in his arms. Two battle-suited dwarves got out from the hole too. These were all that was left of the dwarven forces. 

Aaron had gotten a scratch in his face, and was all bloody, but he kept his hardcore expression. The others were hurt too, but all except for Alaina seemed to be all right. Was she dead or had she fainted? One thing was sure, she wasn't moving. 

Duke Talban and his charging rebel army was almost at the crashed MCC now. He raised his sword, yelled "For freedom!!", as he and the others clashed into the enemy army.

He had spent many years preparing for this day, traveling from kingdom to kingdom, recruiting people for the upcoming uprising, and now he finally fought the terror that had plagued Avataria for generations, something worth dying for.

Regex had disappeared once again, but Am'ar was still loyally fighting by the duke's side. The Orc felt strange though, it was like he was about to fall asleep. He wasn't tired, but he felt as the grip over his own body was loosening. His soul fell into a fake slumber, the mystical sinister being had now taken completely control over him. Arcisal didn't do anything unexpected though.

On the top of the nearby black tower, Overlord Razet and Cadaos oversaw the entire situation from above. Fallen souls, invisible to human eyes, constantly continued floating from the battlefield to the black-scaled dragon, and he felt his powers growing. Razet, standing next to the dragon, took out a blade, from his coat. The blade didn't look special in any way, except for a green liquid dripping from the sharp edge. He moved closer to the dragon, and forced the blade into the right foreleg of Cadaos. The dragon roared in agony "Stabbing me from behind, you honor-lacking creature!? You'll pay for this!!". The dragon turned around, and grabbed the overlord, with the left claw, but was soon forced to let go from a strong pain in his right foreleg.

Razet pulled himself out of the weakened dragon's claw, "You acted like my master, dragon, that was very foolish of you! Don't worry, dear Cadaos, this won't kill you, but drain all of your powers, 'till you can't move a muscle, and don't doubt what I will patiently wait for. You'll go straight to dragon-hell, after I'm done with you!"

The dragon lied down, he already felt the effect in his entire body. The overlord sat patiently by his side, with a sinister grin on his face...

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