Chapter VII, Avataria #2
Date 03-20-2012
Written by clockwork2
Player Post № 6
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[32] is the thirty-second post in Avataria #2, and the sixth post by clockwork2.

The battle had begun to look really bad, they were running outta ammo, and Kargath was beginning to lose energy. "Fall Back!!!We'll use the MCC's weapons!!!!" Aaron ordered, to which everyone began sprinting to the MCC, 2 riflemen were killed though in the retreat. However they made it. "Time to bring this machine's weapons on em." Aaron said, blasting enemies and running over enemies aswell, all the while the MCC was recycling crushed body armor into ammunition. So the more Aaron crushed, the better their chances of survival, however the machines of the enemy were shooting at the MCC. And Aaron thought he saw a machine in a futuristic tower. "Hrrmmmm, those machines have to go! Kargath, start ripping em apart!" Aaron said. "YOU GOT IT!!!" Kargath boomed with pleasure.

Meanwhile, in the futuristic tower. A robot contemplates the situation, indeed things had not turned out as he had hoped, the robot however was programmed to be a master at tactics. And had planned three ways he and most of his Elite Cadre would get out alive, one was defecting to the enemy and faking it as a capturing, the second was capturing a portal summoner and summon a portal out of here. The third, was winning this damn war whilst making sure his allies had suffered many casualties, as he doubted they would keep him alive.

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