Chapter VII, Avataria #1
Date 04-13-2010
Written by Masken
Player Post № 14
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[32] is the thirty-second post in Avataria #1, and the fourteenth post by Masken.

Silverstein whispered as loud as he could:

- No, don't. Please don't.

The solider made a sinister laugh as he continued the process. But suddenly he was knocked back by a huge burst of fel energy coming from Silverstein's head. Silverstein rised and removed his black scarf. There was the most gruesome sight. A big brown worm covered the area where his mouth should be. The worm made a hysterical laugh and said:

- You have given me back my strength. Now, give me more!

Silverstein charged the solider, picked him up, and ripped him in half. Fel energy surged from the dead soliders body. Silverstein was no longer in control. but the question remains. how long will it last?

After hours of battle in the goblin caves, general Kallrog was slaughtering the remaining goblins. The rock-men were too big to enter the cave, but the soliders could easily manage to defeat the outnumbered goblins on their own. Edward stayed outside gaining relations with the rock-men and becoming friends with Brost. General Kallrog did not care about Edward at the moment, he was very busy since dozens of goblins came charging upon them. They were getting desperate. They finally entered the main hall of the cave. There stood the goblin mastermind. He was larger than the others and wore very expensive garments (for a goblin). He smiled at them and went through a portal that collapsed just after he entered, leaving the other goblins to their fate. Kallrog took out his rage on the remaining goblins and went out to report back to the rock-men...