Chapter VII, Avataria #2
Date 03-20-2012
Written by -Peper-
Player Post № 5
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[30] is the thirtieth post in Avataria #2, and the fifth post by -Peper-. It is the beginning of chapter VII.

-Peper- introduced a new secondary character in this post; Darkness.

The black shadow gazes through the battlefield, then flew away.

Back in the tower, you can see Cadaos were absorbing the souls that were slain on the battlefield. Soon when a black shadow that resembles him came and interrupt him, he asked "Who are you?"

The black shadow chuckled, and replied "Well, am the Darkness, that simple. I can feel so much rage and hatred in you, that means power for both of us."

Cadaos could do nothing but keep absorbing souls and ignored the shadow. Then Razet came "Weren't you on the battlefield, dragon? And who is this black thing? Your friend?" he asked. Cadaos looked at him and replied "Same question, weren't you on the battlefield? And who is this, one of the army of yours?"

Razet looked confused, then he glared Darkness and soon smiled. He said "I sense darkness in you, no you are the darkness itself." The black shadow transformed into the silhouette of Razet, even with the weapon he held. "Correct." The shadow jumped off the tower "Time to collect some hatred."

Razet recalled that he got something to do with Cadaos back there. He secretly reach something in his cloak.

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