Chapter VI, Avataria #2
Date 03-20-2012
Written by Arcisal
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[29] is the twenty-ninth post in Avataria #2, and the third post by Arcisal.


It seems that his evidently deceptive charisma had fooled the petty minds. Their seemingly simple victory had lead them to zealous charge upon their former masters, whose upsurging looks eminent at this point. Nature, you do your job so well.

Talban's body was beginning to take it's toll. Not only did the fighting exhaust him, but the fall and the fact that a single host was shared for so long made the body all the more tired. Arcisal however was fine.

Looking around the battlefield, an mass of entropy filled the land, with the defenders reinforcements already quick in a panic-stricken state. Their frenzy had lead to a every man for himself situation, where they struck and fought one another while all the more pressure being received from the rebels themselves. He for a moment thought of Nargos. His signal for retreat was certainly uncalled for, despite the heavy torrents of casualties they were receiving. With their numbers still further out, the reinforcements that were being called forth from the portal could bolster their lines in clearer determination, which if with the right timing could lead to the breaking of the siege, although with innumerable losses of course. A Pyrrhic victory, but a victory nonetheless. An uncalled and foolish military move, unless they have another move to win this battle.

Talban's stalking of the cloaked man had let him to barely any fruitation. Something about a host, perhaps an even more technologically advanced race than these pathetic beings oversee him. A game of chess then? Certainly more advanced, the use of ignited projectiles, the first step towards modern warfare, gave him a significant advantage over the others. How far advanced was he, that would have to be found out overtime. Interesting. For a moment, Arcisal had the urge to possess him, but this would have to wait. He could not risk his presence being noticed by the inhabitants of this world, foreign or not.

Far off from the battlefield, a large brutish being swinging a massive axe with deep blue scales alongside a being like that of a human's except clad in clearly technologically superior armor compared the the plated of metal that encased the rest, and a lithe female of the same composure surrounded by a sea of midget creatures that share a striking resemblance to the humans. Apparently, the blue creature enjoyed the prospect of bloodlust, but was clearly reckless in his combat while the male human-like person waste much needed ammunition on insignificant grunts. They yelled at the top of their voices and acted like warlords. Amusing how young races thought of themselves when they were but a micro-speck in the vast plethora of the universe. This atrocious screaming of both barbaric and guttural battle cries sounded like annoying flies near a sensitive ear. Perhaps this should be silenced. After further observation, it seemed that these mortals have called another unnecessary retreat into, lo and behold, what looked like a ship that in contrast to the primitivity of this world was out of place. What are the beings and retreats? Perhaps they are calling an armistice? Nevertheless, it seems that, although much more primitive, the metal-clad warriors had the sense to press upon the attack, with only a handful entering the large ship, probably due to the alienated nature of such an advanced craft compared to them. Nevermind, this will have to wait.

With both sides in a confusion, Arcisal in Talban's body, seized the opportunity. A coma-like look resumed upon the duke's face and an unwavering oblivious expression adorned it. A peep into his past won't hurt. After all, no one's here to disturb him.

Apparently, it seems that this place was a lush thriving planet. Blah, blah, blah. Boring stuff on the land. Let's get to the dirty bits. Who is this Galros? I do indeed love a good dramatic backstory.

Childhood friend best fits the description, although Arcisal could not sure if it still does after the recent kidnapping the occurred in the sky. Although both with a massive age gap, in human terms of course, it seems that they were once held both a student-mentor relationship as well as a father-son/friendship. Then came the darkness. Talban's mind had kept this part in the deepest vestiges. His slaughtered family gave birth to his cynicism while the destruction of the land brought forth a deep silent rage that he did not know existed before. The greatest of his treasures that the darkness stole was the very center of this topic, Galros. Returned from a ravaged city, barely making it out alive. Same old same old. But this human seemed to act very differently from before. Although the duke's mind genuinely knew not what changed him, the last vestiges and strands of hope of the former paradise of this world was gone when the darkness stole it away from him, not killing him but rather joining him. An agent of some sort which passed crucial information to the enemy. This, now this is interesting, was largely the main cause of the downfall of the former empires that stood firm against the darkness for so long. Harsh.

So this was your destroyer. Your downfall and your destruction. Looking in deeper, it seemed that this lead to enslavement by the enemy, with Galros and the handful of hated but key figures in the destruction of the humans, all but in their newly found paradise. It seemed that Talban played a key role in the forming of the rebels.

But wait, another deposit of pasts lay untouched. Ahh, the prodigal child. The crystal. It seems that the duke knew not of where it came from, but was greatly desired by the enemy. So why bring it to battle? Another peek takes the mind to another past, or perhaps future. The Wall of Horror was not the last key figure in this war. It seems that another base of operations lay, ever-growing in strength and power. This wall was merely a pawn.

So why send the majority of your troops to destroy a possibly insignificant structure? Now, this whole thing is getting more and more exciting as more and more questions arise.

Returning to the material realm, Arcisal once more observed his surroundings. It seems that much has been unchanged. The inhuman but human male and female, along with their scaly azure friend have already retreated back into the craft. Am'ar along with Regex continues to lead the rebels to an assumed victory. The sky is bare of wyverns and a distant tower gives host to a vast number of enemy troops. The darkness themselves are still in disarray and a meager number of soldiers remain stalwart in the defense of the wall.

It is time, Arcisal decided. This body has laid host for such a being for too long. Seizing the moment of chaos, Arcisal detached himself once more. Ahh, good to be away from the limited ground-hungry legs of humans. A careless but lightning fast blaze across the battlefield takes the diaphanous being to the other side of the wall, in search for his next host.

There you are.


A great streak flash across the sky directly above Am'ar which headed towards the Wall of Horror. He was amazed at himself for being able to spot it. The flash was gone in a microsecond. An eerie but familiar feeling was growing deep in his heart, although he could not pinpoint to where it came from. Nevermind, the fight rages on!

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