Chapter VI, Avataria #2
Date 03-19-2012
Written by Ironside
Player Post № 9
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[27] is the twenty-seventh post in Avataria #2, and the ninth post by Ironside.

Auxion goes even brighter than before when he noticed that this could finally be his chance to obtain the host...

Seeing how the woman got healed made him angry like never before. Auxion: So close! I will get my host!

Meanwhile Regex continues to run out of weapons... Regex: We better make this quick, I'm running low on weapons

Am'ar: We're in the base now, it won't be long!

Regex: (silently) isn't it usually the base where things get slow?

Am'ar: ...

Getting no concrete reply he pulls out his next weapon, it was a small box appeared to fire tiny rockets.

(Thinking) looking at the stats, I can only hold my fire for another few minutes, I better get a plan until then.

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