Chapter VI, Avataria #2
Date 03-19-2012
Written by clockwork2
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 [26] is the twenty-sixth post in Avataria #2, and the fourth post by clockwork2.

It appeared the defenders were getting desperate, as Aaron noted there were defenders coming from the walls themselves, and it may also have been the fact they were opening portals into other realms and coaxing out anything that could help from it."Alaina, this isn't looking good, I think the defenders are desperate....." Aaron said, "Hrmmm maybe we should-" But his sentence was interrupted by a gigantic dragon-like human charging in, hacking off many a portal spawn. "Who. The. Hell. Are. You?" Aaron said, stressing each word with a slash into an enemy. "A PROUD DRACONIAN WARRIOR!!!!!! NAMES KARGATH BY THE WAY!!!!" Kargath boomed, with a voice so loud Aaron feared he was beginning to become deaf. Their new ally made short work of the new defenders, who seemed confused and hence were also attacking fellow soldiers aswell as rebels. Aaron looked at Alaina in confusion. "Wonder if the rest of the rebels will arrive... Like this barbarian of a draconian..." Aaron said. This seemed to catch the dragons attention. "Yeah...about that, i off on my own." Kargath said, with no hint of regret about it. "Welll helllo there milady, maybe we should spend some time in the taverns." He said, noticing Alaina, who was looking at Aaron for help. "I don't think this is the time for flirting dragon, and if you even try to kiss her, I assure you will have a cast of ice on your fighting arm." Aaron said, losing his temper abit, this was a damn battlefield. Not a calm and peaceful inn, Aaron had half a mind to smack Kargath in the face, but his tactical side reasoned that Kargath could easily overtake him... Aaron noticed Kargath looked at Aaron, with something, recollection.. But it seemed Kargath lost it the minute a defender tried to stab his thick scaly skin, he swung his axe, cleaving the defender in two. Aaron looked at his arms, they had reduced to a shimmer now, and he guessed the seed has sprouted within him. He made a promise to Dacaos, and he would not forget it, they would fight one day. And whether it meant Aaron had to save Dacaos, no matter how much Dacaos didn't like it, they would fight. He heard Alaina scream and turned in horror, a dark knight had stabbed her, and it continued it. Laughing at Alainas torment, Aarons fear turned to gigantic rage, and suddenly his body become a beacon of light. "DIE!!!DIE!!!!FEEL MY WRATH!!!YOU INSIGNIFICANT MAGGOT!!!!!" Aaron boomed, and blasted the knight with a bolt of lightning so powerful, that the knight left no remains to be buried. Kneeling besides Alaina, Aaron sobbed, he failed his own promise. He screamed in anguish, his power bright red. He atleast tried to heal her, and, much to Aarons surprise and joy. It worked, she was miraculously healing, and Aaron silently thanked Dacaos. "A-Aaron???I thought I was, dead..." Alaina said, confused and joyous at the same time. "Well....It appears I somehow, healed you back to life." Aaron said, remembering that lightning could spark life once again for masters of it's element. He grabbed his tanto, raised it, and let loose a ferocious battle cry. "TONIGHT COMRADES!!!WE DRINK FROM THE SKULLS OF OUR ENEMIES!!!!" Aaron cried, to which Kargath apparently agreed with, as he started hacking more heads off...

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