Chapter VI, Avataria #2
Date 03-19-2012
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 8
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[25] is the twenty-fifth post in Avataria #2, and the eighth post by Amargaard (Thirty-second if you count his posts in Avataria #1 as well). It is the beginning of chapter VI.

"Come to papa!", Kargath yelled confidently as he charged into the largest foe he could find on the battlefield. Not much of a challenge for the dark-blue scaled draconian, and he started to get slightly bored. The enemies at the gate got weaker and weaker, as most of the big ones were already killed. Cleaving heads of the small attackers didn't require much effort from him. As he continued his slaughter, he noticed Am'ar next to him. The Orc swung his weapon wildly and was on top of the situation, similar to himself. And like him, Am'ar was different from the other rebels. Those thoughts made him want to talk to his green colleague, more than any of the others.

"Hey, ehh, Am..!?", Kargath said, not quite sure what was the name of his colleague.

The Orc bashed off an ugly deformed head from a small attacker in front of him, only half of his own size. The small head flew through the air, and made both of them laugh shortly.

"Uhuh?", Am'ar replied, smiling.

"I like your sunglasses..", not knowing what to talk about. 

"Heh, yeah me too", then he once again bashed off a small creature's head and sent it flying towards the draconian, "Catch!", and soon after the head was cleaved in mid-air by Kargath's axe, only to make the two burst into another laughter. The two seemed to get along great together, however Am'ar's smile vanished when he saw Regex passing them - Could he be trusted?

Meanwhile at Razet's black tower, a wyvernrider landed on the roof, the very same place Cadaos had left not so long ago. He tied his flying beast to a rock-fence, and stepped quietly down the stairs into the building. Now, where was the Overlord? 

Arcisal, in Duke Talban's body, approached Regex from behind. The coated man was busy and seemed to not notice the duke closing slowly in on him, with his sword drawn.

Meanwhile, on the top of the wall, Nargos, a captain of evil, noticed how this fight was soon over - and his team was the one losing. 

"Reeeetreeeaaaat!!!", he yelled, and the evil forces ran back, in order to regroup somewhere inside their cursed land. None of them were afraid, but they simply could not resist following orders.

As they ran away, Kargath followed them teasingly. 

Arcisal stopped moving towards his target, when he noticed many of the rebels were looking at him. Arcisal played his role well, "Let them go!". Kargath stopped, sending the duke a childish annoyed look. He had anyone's attention now.

"The first step towards eternal peace has been taken!", Arcisal laughed inside from the cheesy sentence, but continued.

"The next step will be a huge step - we will all enter the cursed lands.. together.. and we will march to the Citadel of Darkness.. together!". People cheered. Noone had selected Duke Talban as leader of the rebel union, and there was far more important people among them, but most seemed to be pleased with him leading them. Arcisal didn't doubt that he were more powerful than all of these warriors, but he felt greatly entertained when playing around in the human.

And so, the rebel army marched into the land of evil.

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