Chapter V, Avataria #2
Date 03-19-2012
Written by Arcisal
Player Post № 2
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[23] is the twenty-third post in Avataria #2, and the second post by Arcisal.

Arcisal introduced a new secondary character in this post; Galros, even though he already had created too many characters in his first post, but once again Amargaard decided to accept it. 

This human....Interesting.

With his former host all bust dead, slain by the greenskin, Arcisal with ease had transferred himself into another body, except this one more potentially interesting. Interests sparks destruction of course. An man in his late forties with surprisingly nimble reflexes for his age and construct. A graying beard topped with scarce hairs that indicated his age was shown bare, unlike the other soldiers who wore primitive steel helms. He supposed this would be their commander in charge. Nothing different really, except this host had some perks that made him all the more special for this occasion.

The greenskin that slew the beast that Arcisal had formerly controlled now stood face to face, apparently struck by a dilemma to slay his "friend", if he assumed correct of course. A staff of alienated wood lay in his hands which seemed to appeal to Arcisal. Perhaps when he was finished with this simple-minded creature he would take it as a trophy and adorn it upon the hundreds of others he had back at his homevoid. How he missed the orbital gasses compared to the solidity of this dull place. He was already beginning to miss roaming the galactic gasses that he was born and made from since the dawn of the universes. But for now, this fellow shall have to do. Let's play with it.

"It's alright!" The use of this creatures moving mouth which they used to communicate upon one another is highly ineffective, especially during a full-scale battle such as this. Peeping into the mental synapses of this creatures mind, he found the information he needed. Another trait that made Arcisal even more deserving of the ancient powers he had. "Am'ar,it seems that I have contained it!" he continued while pulling out a pendant that this host had. Apparently it was hidden in his breastplate, seemingly unknown to anyone else. He would study it later, but for now, he had to hope that this greenskin did not know what was either.

"Thank goodness Talban! I thought you were gone. What is that you're holding anyways?" said the greenskin.

Make up a lie. "I do not know. It was an heirloom from my father that was told to grant luck to it's wearer. Never left it from my battles. It seems that it's finally proven it's use!" Arcisal said as a faked a grin. 

"The battle still rages on, my friend! We've no time to waste. The Wall of Horror lies near!" said the greenskin, resuming his charge upon the masses of enemies. Brave, but foolish.

Arcisal, in his human host, stayed back and examined the pendant. A raw uncut gem of deep sparkling dark purple that penetrated the emptiness. An eerie thing. Nevermind, it shall have to wait. Arcisal then went to seek his next "enemy" from a different direction the greenman went while placing it back among his breastplate.

As a soldier came in sight, Arcisal's human host was suddenly swept into the air, hanging in between the talons of the leathery beasts he had seen on the wall above him. Looking up, he caught a glimpse of the rider/captor. It was the same man who had spoken to the captain guard atop the wall! Looking around, he found the same captain who reprimanded him not very far off. Nargos, was it? He couldn't be sure but he was somehow glad to see them for no particular reason.

His rider shouted from atop, "My wyvern can skew through your feeble armor in a matter of seconds Talban! Give the crystal to me and return to the Lord of Darkness! Perhaps he would lighten your punishment before he finally catches you!". Once again, he peered into the mind of his host. This rider, a man of unkempt ruly brown hair was once his hosts friend and student! Delightful, Arcisal loved playing with these mortals feelings. 

"Never--" he stumbled for a moment as a tried to find his captor's name, "Galros!" He shouted the last word more than he wanted to be accident. "The crystal is mine and you would have to force it out of my hands to get it from me!"

"Very well then..." said Galros with a slight undertone of remorse. As they continued to swoop about in the air in their elaborate formations, his brown hair flying wildly in the air. "You are hereby, executed in the name of the Dark Emperor." which was immediately followed by the beast releasing its grip of Talban in midair. Arcisal went spiraling down at hundreds of feet per second. They were among the cloud for cover and it seemed to take a while before land returned to sight. However, as he went diving down, the land grew faster and faster every moment. Exhilarating. Possibly the closest feeling you could get to the euphoria of gliding through stars at lightspeeds. This reminded him of old times. In midair, he spotted a deathly dark best on massive wings flying somewhere where he could not possibly fathom at this moment. Funny.

His fall was abruptly cut short by something. Looking around him, he found that the same cloaked man that had slayed his first host now held a primitive device that hung him in midair. Looking at another direction, he found the greenskin running towards him. Regex, was the man's name. A look in his eyes thought Arcisal to be different. 

Regex slowly descended Talban. Am'ar rushing to meet him in frantic worrying. Staring resolute at the mysterious cloaked man, Arcisal expected the same response of his fall as Am'ar had, but he just left with a slight nod at his direction and seemingly set his gun to a different setting and left at the same numbing fast speeds as before. Arcisal stood there, interested even more. The greenskin had apparently noticed Arcisal's host staring long after his "savior" had gone. 

Am'ar sighed. "He is indeed acting strange my friend. I suspect we may not be able to trust him anymore..." he said with a heavy heart. 

"Strange. I thought I felt something" he lied. "Well, I'm safe now. Thankfully. And I do owe him my honor to him, sulky or not. But either ways I must repay him." That was a good lie.

"We'll discussed what happened later." replied Am'ar, looking up at the sky. "And you better had give a thorough report on what happened." he ended with a grin as he once again sprint back towards the enemies front lines. 

Interesting indeed, Arcisal continued to stare at the direction of the cloaked man. Interesting...

He moved with a firm resolution in his eyes towards the direction of the mysterious figure. There may have been a reason this was the prison Arnagron sent me to. He slightly grin grew on his face as he marched down the way out of anyone's attention. Finally, a challenge.

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