Chapter V, Avataria #2
Date 03-18-2012
Written by clockwork2
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[21] is the twenty-first post in Avataria #2, and the third post by clockwork2.

clockwork2 introduced a new secondary character in this post; Kargath.

Deciding he couldn't wait any longer he decided to blast it with his gun till it blew a circuit, the others joined in and soon it exploded in a fury of color, he then saw a great big black dragon fly among-st the aerial soldiers. He recalled an ancient tale told by many in his village, but before slipping into his flashback he blasted a couple of enemies and told Alaina to keep him safe.

Dacaos was once a noble black dragon who guarded a village with his dragon wife, who's name was not known, they had 4 dragon eggs. However a mage performed a ritual to steal Dacaos and his wife and their eggs powers for his own, Dacaos survived only becuase the mage couldn't handle his power, and hence was forced to return it. However Dacaos' wife and their children died in the process, and he gained a gigantic hatred for all beings, those he allied with often were killed when their usefulness was over. Dacaos nearly conquered his word till a powerful nameless mage banished him to a different world, which Aaron now knew was Avataria, the stars in Aaron's world would sometimes form a image of Dacaos flying through portals... Rumors had it that he was afraid of ice, Aaron used to wonder why, but he remembered that Dacaos' wife was a blue dragon.

"Alright let's get moving" Aaron said. "Ok! Ready?" Alaina said, raising two curved short swords up. "Let's go!!" Aaron said, pulling out his tanto and readying a spell of lightning, charging into the fray and killing many a soldier.. When suddenly Dacaos slammed onto the ground infront of Aaron and Alaina. "YOU STAND IN MY WAY OF VENGEANCE!!!!DIE!!!!" Dacaos screamed loudly. "STOP!!!!Think of your wife, mighty Dacaos. She would not want you wasting her sacrifice and find a new mate, she would want you to carry on your legacy.....Please, this... is not right." Aaron said, pointing towards the many dead. "I can....never, forgive myself....Until that mage is dead, I will not stop killing. I will not mate, till he is dead, Now draw your sword. AND FIGHT ME!!!!" He boomed, eyes burning with draconic pride. Drawing his tanto Aaron prepared to fight, and began a flurry of thrusts at Dacaos. He blew breathes of flame and lashed about with his tail, Aaron swirled out of Dacaos attacks and knocked him on the head. "Why did you hit me with the hilt?" Dacaos asked. "I would not stop you on your quest for vengeance, as i have one avenge my village." Aaron said.

Aaron felt something glow within him, and he looked at the dragon. "Dacaos, what....are you, doing??" Aaron asked. "I am granting you a seed of power, it shall manifest in your elements shape, good luck..... Goodbye, but we shall meet again, I hope. And then we shall resolve this duel, please use my power well." Dacaos said, Flying off. "A-Aaron??? What's happening? Your....glowing!!!" Alaina said. "Dacaos..gave me a seed of his power...." Aaron said, and looked at his glowing palms....

Meanwhile at the rebel camp, a swirling red portal made of fire formed above it, and a scarred dragon-like human fell from the portal. Aching heavily he examined his surroundings, he also found that he forgot a good few of the girlfriends he had from his childhood, he atleast still knew how to fight. "Rggghhh, knew that lass was evil, damn her..... Not letting that happen again, hrmmmmm. Wonder what's going on out there, I hear lightning and swords clashing..... Hrmmmm, A BATTLE!!!!" The dragon man said, "A draconian such as I loves battle!!!!" He drew his mighty axe and sprinted towards the battlefield. Charging into battle he saw a orc and fighting with such strange weaponry, he figured they were, like him. From a different realm. "Huh??" The orc said, watching the draconian charge into battle, "What is your name??" "Kargath, and I am a proud draconian warrior!!!" Kargath said, with pride in his voice. "Names Regex, now enough chatter, it's time to kill some maggots." Regex said, blasting opponents with a marvelous weapon. "WHAT, IS, THAT???" Kargath said, voice booming with curiousity...

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