Chapter IV, Avataria #2
Am'ar's staff
Date 03-18-2012
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 7
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[19] is the nineteenth post in Avataria #2, and the seventh post by Amargaard (Thirty-first if you count his posts in Avataria #1 as well).

Overlord Razet walked angrily down the dark stairs in his tower, mumbling countless curses and swearwords, when thinking of the dragon. He had one master only, and only one was allowed to talk to him like that, and it definitely wasn't Cadaos. He finally got all the way down to the basement, a place he hadn't visited in a couple of years. A dusty cloud rose and surrounded him, when he brutally kicked up the wooden door, and stepped in to the dark room. Bottles with colored liquids decorated the room, along with bookshelves covered in spider webs, strange machinery, and old tables with open books, scrolls and small notes all over the place. A scared rat ran squeaking away from a table, when Razet got near. Razet dusted off some books, looked through a messy pile of papers and finally found what he was looking for. A recipe, which changed his mood entirely. This might be the revenge, he was looking for. 

"I'll have a little gift for you, when you return, dear Cadaos...", he said with joy in his voice.

Meanwhile, at the gate, Am'ar was standing alone facing the possessed ogre, hosting Arcisal. With Regex gone, their hopes had dwindled greatly, especially since he was the one pushing the tide last time. He moved his staff back and forth in one quick movement, triggering it to change into a scythe-looking weapon. He leaped forward, and stroke the scythe critically into the head of the marauding ogre, but soon discovered he had only wasted energy, as a strange being flew from the collapsing ogre into another shape. The shape of Duke Talban! The duke screamed painfully as his senses faded away and he lost control over his own body.

"Talban!" Am'ar shouted, not knowing what to do. How could he handle this situation? Was he forced to kill his own friend?

Cadaos fired off another gigantic orange flame-like bolt from his dragon-mouth, hitting both rebels and evil soldiers.

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