Chapter IV, Avataria #2
Date 03-18-2012
Written by Ironside
Player Post № 6
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[17] is the seventeenth post in Avataria #2, and the sixth post by Ironside.

Ironside introduced his first secondary character in this post; Auxion.

Meanwhile far away from the current events, a rift in time and space itself opened and a giant ball of enormous energy slowly fell down to the ground.

The impact caused a several hundred of meters ground to be affected by the power of the orb, killing the animals and plants around it.

Auxion: It's time... all I have to wait for now is to find a proper host.

On the battlefield Regex continues to battle the beasts.

Regex: Am'ar, hold my back, I must go check something out

Am'ar: again? well hurry up

Regex: Coup de burst

Regex disappears from the battlefield and arrives back at the device he put on the ground previously.

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