Chapter IV, Avataria #2
Date 03-18-2012
Written by Arcisal
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[16] is the sixteenth post in Avataria #2, and the first post by Arcisal.

Arcisal introduced his Avatar Character in this post; Arcisal, and three secondary characters; Arnagron, Zaarnoth and Nargos. He broke one of the rules, that only one secondary character could be created at a time, but Amargaard decided to accept it anyhow.

With the beings caught up in their own world of slaughter, the whole sky, unnoticed by them, turned to a sorrowful dark shade which only enhanced the atmosphere of the battle. Clouds churned as great streaks of lightning flashed behind the mist without a sound. No rain was to come down despite the bleak sky, but instead, a mighty crash finally caught the attention of the fighters. An ear-splitting roar turned and suddenly, everyone realized how dark it was. 

Out in a distance, the sky continued to crash and finally it reached a crescendo where an enigmatic pillar of green streaks crashed upon the ground, scarring it for life. This energy continued to rage on for moments until at last the silence that proceeded it was deafening. 

From the debris and ashes of this micro-cataclysm, came forth an enigma. This being was without shape, nor without a face. But it had a life. Made of millions of what was known only vaguely as candiathropes, this being took a form. It acted as a parasite. It's purpose to scour the land of life.

"What?" thought the humanoid form of metal. "This was the best Arnagron could dish out?", his thoughts reverberating through the air around him via telekinetic communication. "He'd have to do better next time..." he said to himself with what vaguely looked like a grin.

Out in the distance, a battle was being waged. A sudden urge contained Arcisal, as was he called, to join the fight. He did not know of these inhabitants before, but judging by the number of greenery still around, he could safely presume that they were still primitive. Easy.

With a mastery of electricity and candianar, the living beings within him that made him what he was, Arcisal took flight with his torso and faceless head and arms all that could be seen. His lower body was swarmed with the living micro-metals that look like a tail from afar. From the ground, it looked like a dark void in the shape of a comet was heading their way.

Nearing the battlefield, he spotted a sort of landing strip atop a large primitive stone wall of the purest dark. On one side of that was where the battle lay where the other a mighty beast with huge wings cringed upon the side of a tower. The wall, populated by no one else, served as a good place for Arcisal to observe the land around him. It seemed that these beings were indeed primitive! Ho, these beings were of one of the earliest kinds, still wielding metal together with hands and swinging it at each other. More like a show than a fight. Easier than practice he thought arrogantly.

As Arcisal was looking upon the battlefield, a host of these humans came forth from a stair. Seven in total, he counted, garbed in dark orange cloths and wore metal viziers and steel gauntlets while wielding spears of bright steel and small round bronze shields. 

"Who is foolish enough to dare to be in the presence of Zaarnoth, the master of darkness!" roared their supposed leader. The beginning of the entertainment he thought. Well, play along well then.

"It is I, Arcisal. I have come to aid you in your plight. It seems that you do not seem to be doing very well in your battle." He indicated with a nod of his head directed at the slaughter below. 

Their leader looked worried for awhile, but composed himself and then declared once more "Indeed. But our defeat will only aid in the forthcoming of the plans of the Bane of Light. You do not look like our enemy. Alien! Mythic!" cried the leader.

Overhead, voice could be heard. "Nargos! Deal with what you are now and immediately proceed to the aviary. These rebels will deal with sky to breach this kingdom!" Arcisal looked up and saw several winged bests, though not as large as the first one he saw. Their dark beige fur blended well with the sky and a shaggy mane of the same hue complemented it. Wicked claws and razor teeth were their arsenal. They flew off towards the battle before Arcisal could continue to observe them.

The leader gaped on, and then quickly returned his attention to Arcisal. "If you are here to aid us, then go! Prove your allegiance to the Master of the Void!" he said as he quickly ran off with his men towards a distant building. Interesting.

Arcisal once again took flight upon his diaphanous wings of volatile metal. With a body formed from the birth of the galaxies and as unreal as the swirling gasses that clouded planets, Arcisal went admist the battle silently and stealthily. His then solar metallic body found a host, a large brutish creature of disgusting facial features, but equipped with brutish strength, he took this large being, three times the size of a human and entered into it forcefully. The beings willpower was easy to overcome and soon, Arcisal wit his newfound host was able to fully control it easily. With a physical body, arms of large strength and wielding a wicked club that no one else could lift, Arcisal swung and tore through the massive ranks of enemies in a deep set frenzy of satisfying bloodlust. 

He head them scream and flee, a figure of green stood mightily against him but he brushed him aside with ease. A cloaked figure of darkenss that moved at mind numbing speeds struck at him but his significantly more advanced technology, although not even close to Arcisal's own, did damage his material body to the point of death. But his only allowed the vaporous machine to transfer to another of the beasts and continue on his mass of destruction. This satisfied him, but he knew the battle was yet to end quick when the flying beasts he had seen earlier joined to fray.

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