Chapter IV, Avataria #2
Date 03-18-2012
Written by -Peper-
Player Post № 2
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[15] is the fifteenth post in Avataria #2, and the second post by -Peper-. It is the beginning of chapter IV.

Razet scaredly left the black tower, leaving Cadaos alone there. "Good boy" He said.

He gazed all the direction, and his sight stopped at the direction of the Wall of Horror. The war's already started, and the 'scout forces' were probably been defeated. "Maybe going there is better than waiting here" he thought. He jumped and ascends to the skies, the black giant dragon flew towards the battlefield. He was right, the rebels are charging through. He could see many creatures defeated by the rebels. Wait, there were some strange guys on the battlefield. Did they work for the rebels?

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