Chapter IV, Avataria #1
Date 04-08-2010
Written by Amargaard
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[15] is the fifteenth post in Avataria #1, and the eighth post by Amargaard. It is the beginning of Chapter IV.

Edward Blitz wanted to keep the meeting serious telling about that the Goblins became stronger in the moonlight, but Kallrog laughed quietly almost all the time. It was still unknown to Edward why. At last Edward became angry and yelled "General Kallrog! I'm so tired of your..." at the unconcentrated general, like he never had done anything like before. Kallrog suddenly starred right in the eyes of the angry council member, that still haven't finished his sentence. The general had very forcing eyes, that was showing death in that short moment they starred into each others eyes, looking like that he was so close to go bersek on Edward. Edward moved his eyes, like a "sorry" and a stone catched his attention instead. The stones shadow moved everytime the camps fire did.

Kallrog still starred at Edward until he suddenly stood up and walked away while yelling "Meeting's over!". Edward was stunned. The general stepped into a giant rock just outside the camp, out of Edwards sight, sat down and began thinking again of the same subject that he had done since the dead-pile-situation. Anyway, of cause it wasn't a blessing to the dead like Edward now thougt, but he didn't want to complain about burrowing them, waste of time. The worst thing was that it woke up old memories of the life in the northlands that he, long ago, when he became a General of Reyvmadir forced himself to forget. Even worse; He had prayed to one of his old Gods! There was nothing to do about it now, anyway...