Chapter III, Avataria #2
Date 03-18-2012
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 6
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[13] is the thirteenth post in Avataria #2, and the sixth post by Amargaard (Thirtieth if you count his posts in Avataria #1 as well). 

Regex' new weapon fried countless charging enemies in no time. No one would have expected such an action from the mysterious black-suited man, but with his crooked smile, he continued firing his gun until few enemies remained, and the rebels once again had the situation under control. The numbers of attacking evil soldiers were dwindling until the last fighters drew their last breath. 

Many of the rebels looked confused and surprised at Regex. He didn't like the attention, but it didn't last long before Duke Talban shouted "What are we waiting for? Let's counter-attack!", followed by a cheer from the hundreds of different rebels. The rebels followed Duke Talban's lead, over the dead bodies, through the gate and into the lands of evil.

"Nice work, I admit you kicked more ass than I did just before, Mr. Regex" Am'ar said, with his characteristic dark orcish voice.

"Hehehe, we all have our secrets, don't we?" Regex replied.

As they were charging towards their next battle, some sort of dwarven aircraft closed in on the sky, and prepared for landing on the evil side of the Wall of Horror...

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