Chapter III, Avataria #2
Date 03-17-2012
Written by Amargaard
Player Post № 5
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[11] is the eleventh post in Avataria #2, and the fifth post by Amargaard (Twenty-ninth if you count his posts in Avataria #1 as well). It is the first post in the roleplaying thread.

Aaron walked to a window in the flying dwarven base, watching the view of the tall black wall, which stroke fear into the hearts of many peace-loving species. Alaina walked up to him.

"Why is there so many conflicts in this universe - All we want is to live in peace..", she mumbled to herself. Aaron, looked smiling at her, and replied "That's what we're fighting for, Alaina".

As Duke Talban and Am'ar continued their teamwork-fighting, a couple of large mutated beings came towards them, charging with their different weapons. Their evil aura emitted a dark purple glow.

"These are tough ones, friend", the duke said.

As the first one clashed brutally into duke Talban, he was pushed down to the ground by a powerful smash in his chest, by the creature's black mace.

Am'ar was occupied with one of the other of the large inhuman creatures.

Talban's opponent leaped forward towards the lying man, but just before it hit the duke's face, Regex rushed in and hit it with a small device in the neck, which resulted in it being forced flying through the air several meters away from the others. It lied quietly on the ground, most likely dead.

"Close eh? Thanks, mr...?"

"Regex, sir"

But there wasn't much time for conversation, more inhuman creatures charged towards the rebels.

Meanwhile somewhere in the wasteland of evil, on the other side of the wall, a black tower stood terrifying. On top of it, stood Cadaos, a large black dragon with molten scales, and Razet, a humble warrior of evil.

"Great dragon, the masters sent a small scout force to the wall, but I fear it won't be enough. Sooner or later the rebels will break through, but they won't stand alive long after entering our land.", Razet said with a little fear in his voice.

"I'll be waiting patiently, here at your tower, wimp."

"My name's Razet and I'm the overlord of this tower!", Razet replied angrily.

"I told you already I don't care!!", the dragon looked directly at the inhuman warrior, with a terrifying look in his eyes.

Razet jumped scared backwards, and left the dragon on the top of the spire, for himself.

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