Chapter III, Avataria #2
Date 03-17-2012
Written by -Peper-
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[10] is the tenth post in Avataria #2, and the first post by -Peper-. It is the beginning of chapter III.

-Peper- introduced two new characters in this post; Cadaos and Razet.

Dark clouds could be seen on the skies. Suddenly a black creature fell from a rift emerged in the clouds, his name is Cadaos. He hit the ground hardly. "Naive fools, because they couldn't kill me, they sent me into another dimension." He then looked around. He was standing in a building, namely a tower. He looked down and saw many people, is this some kind of kingdom or what? He thinks. Suddenly a hooded man beside him began to shout to him "Hey, watch it!" But he stopped talking when he realized that he is talking with a big, black dragon. "Where am I?" Dacaos asked the man. "Kingdom of Evil, accurately on the outskirts." The man replied "Name's Razet, I'm one of the royal guard of the kingdom."

Cadaos looked around, then replied "I didn't ask your name." Razet looked embarrassed, but replied again "The rebels are marching against our kingdom, sooner or later we have to get on defense." Cadaos was about to reply again, but he thought for a while. If he participate in this war, he can get many human souls to recover his powers back.

"So, where are the rebels?" he asked. Razet looked up, revealing inhuman face "They are coming to the Wall of Horror."

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